God Bears His Pains Alone

Ephesians 4:30a

...do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God...

How often do we pray to God saying, “Father, I hurt so badly. I wish I could die,” or “Father, see my wound and hurting. Bind up my wound and heal me, God.” We must admit that each one of us has at one time or another been hurt deep down inside; wounded by rejection or defeat which has led us to pray to God for comfort and God has been faithful because He is a compassionate God. However, during these times of hurting and pain, our focus tends to center on us, the self. We have a God to turn to during these times, our heavenly Father, to sooth our pains and fill us with His peace. He is always present to comfort us.

Have we ever realized that God also hurts when He is rejected? Who does He turn to? When He is wounded by the many darts hurled at Him by believers and unbelievers alike – who comforts Him? I know many of us would say, “Oh, He is God Almighty and, therefore, He is self-sufficient.” But it is very hard to comfort oneself and bear the would alone. Try that some time when you are deeply hurt! We just can’t do it. Oh we may pretend to, but we know that we have to turn to another for succor. That is why we share our problems with our near and dear ones, our friends, and others so that we may find relief. GOD BEARS HIS PAINS ALONE! He you ever thought of that? The realization of this truth broke a dam somewhere deep down in my heart and brought tears welling up to my eyes which refused to stop flowing as I thought of ways to bind His hurt, His wound, for a change and I asked Him how I might do that. He simply whispered, “when you do it to the least of these my brothers, you do it unto me” (see Matthew 25:40). You see, when we hurt, God hurts. He sympathizes with our infirmities.

Am I being too imaginative or too sensitive? Be that as it may, I am now committed to binding up the wounds of those who are hurting. So, next time you are hurting badly through some wound inflicted by thoughtless people or some loss, remember not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God. Remember to turn your attention away from yourself to God and go out and comfort those people who are hurting and need your help.

To GOD be the glory now and always, in Christ Jesus our Lord! Amen.