I Could Never Forget You!

The LORD’s Expression of Love and Compassion.


Image: Thomas Dohling.

“Can a woman forget her baby who nurses at her breast? Can she withhold compassion from the child she has borne? Even if mothers were to forget, I could never forget you! Look, I have inscribed your name on my palms.” Isaiah 49:15,16a, NET.

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0 Responses to I Could Never Forget You!

  1. Vibrant says:

    Such a beauty!

    We don’t know love more than that of a mother and God’s love for us is infinite times more and what a beautiful picture you choose to go with it!

    Love it <3

    Thanks Thomas.

    Love and light <3

    Anand :)

  2. Amazing love, amazing grace, amazing power…what an amazing God we serve!

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