Table of Contents

1. Creation27. Sold into Slavery 
2. Adam and Eve28. Judah 
3. Fall 29. Joseph’s Rise to Power 
4. Cain and Abel 30. Joseph’s Family Reunion 
5. The Flood 31. The Birth of Moses 
6. World after the Flood32. Finding a Wife 
7. Call of Abraham 33. Call of Moses 
8. Melchizedek 34. Zipporah
9. The God Who Sees Me 35. Straw for Bricks
10. Promise of Isaac 36. Pharaoh’s Plagues
11. Bargaining with God 37. The Passover 
12. Sodom and Gomorrah38. Crossing the Red Sea
13. She’s My Sister39. What Is It?
14. God Hears40. The Lord My Banner 
15. Trial of Abraham41. The Law 
16. Beer-Sheba42. The Golden Calf 
17. Rebekah43. The Tabernacle  
18. Selling the Birthright44. Unholy Fire
19. She’s My Sister II 45. Graves of the Craving 
20. Well Digger 46. Spitting in Her Face 
21. Stolen Blessing  47. Twelve Spies 
22. Jacob’s Two Wives  48. Korah’s Rebellion 
23. Speckled Spotted & Streaked49. Speak to the Rock 
24. Leaving Laban 50. Balaam’s Donkey 
25. Two Camps51. Balaam’s Prophecy 
26. Dinah 52. The Death of Moses

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