Building a Nation

Table of Contents

53. Rahab84. Annointing of Daid
54. Crossing Jordan85. Goliath
55. Jericho86. David Earns a Wife
56. Achan87. Protecting David
57. Sun Standing Still88. Three Arrows
58. Joshua’s Farewell89. Running from Saul
59. Job’s Three Friends90. Sparing Saul’s Life
60. Othniel & Ehud91. Abigail
61. Deborah & Barak92. Sparing God’s Anointed
62. Gideon’s Fleece93. Staying by the Stuff
63. Three Hundred Men94. The Witch of Endor
64. King of Trees95. Death of Saul & Jonathan
65. Jephthah’s Vow96. Joab & Abner
66. The Birth of Samson97. David Made King
67. Strong & Sweet98. David’s Mighty Men
68. Foxes and a Jawbone99. Moving the Ark
69. Samson & Delilah100. Building an Empire
70. Grandson of Moses101. Ammonites
71. Prelude to War102. Bathsheba
72. Brides for Benjamin103. Nathan’s Story
73. Naomi & Ruth104. Tamar
74. Boaz & Ruth105. Absalom’s Return
75. The Call of Samuel106. Absalom’s Revolt
76. Ark of God Captured107. Absalom’s Defeat
77. Ark of God Returned108. David’s Kingdom Restored
78. Ebenezer109. Wise Woman of Abel
79. Saul Made King110. Ethnic Cleansing
80. Peace for an Eye111. Numbering of the People
81. Failing the Test112. Transfer of Power
82. Jonathan’s Victory113. Death of David & Joab
83. Saul’s Disobedience 

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