Work of the Holy Spirit

Table of Contents

220. Coming of the Holy Spirit248. 2nd Letter to Thessalonians
221. Crippled Man Healed239. Mob in Corinth
222. Ananias & Sapphira240. Riot at Ephesus
223. Apostles and Deacons241. 1st Letter to Corinthians (1)
224. First Christian Martyr242. 1st Letter to Corinthians (2)
225. Ministry of Philip243. 2nd Letter to Corinthians (1)
226. Conversion of Saul244. 2nd Letter to Corinthians (2)
227. Healing of Dorcas245. Letter to Romans (1)
228. Cornelius, 1st Gentile246. Letter to Romans (2)
229. Christians at Antioch247. Going to Jerusalem
230. Jail Break248. Riot in Jerusalem
231. First Missionary Journey249. Plot to Kill
232. From Worship to Stoning250. Felix, Festus, & Agrippa
233. Keeping Jewish Laws251. Storm at Sea
234. Letter to the Galatians252. Shipwreck & Rome
235. Singing in Jail253. Philemon
236. Riots and Laughter254. New Heaven & New Earth
237. 1st Letter to Thessalonians255. New Jerusalem

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